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Sunshade for parking

Accurate arc design, high wind resistance, able to withstand 10 winds, typhoon days can still be safe.

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1. Main body of the shed: The structure is made of high-quality, high-strength titanium gold material, which can resist the attack of 12-level typhoon. The special surface treatment greatly improves the service life of the window shed/garage shed. Decomposition, long time and new, has achieved the weather resistance of You Zhao. The sealing strip is made of high-quality anti-aging EPDM sealing strip. Each joint and sealing part is made of anti-aging ABS engineering plastic. The fixing screws are all made of stainless steel 304 screws. It is covered with special rubber sleeve, which is beautiful and durable. The window shed/tiling shed can be used effectively for more than 30 years without maintenance.
2, wind and snow: high-strength titanium alloy structure and polycarbonate plate combination, can carry 35cm of snow, can resist 36m / s strong wind, significantly improve its ability to resist snow

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