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The triple and double glazed window Manufacturers & Suppliers from China

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Diffeberce between triple glazed and double glazed glass windows
In terms of sound insulation,  triple and double glazing window have almost the same soundproofing effect.
However, the insulation effect of the three-layer glass is better than that of the double-layer glass.
If heating is not enough, you can choose three-layer glass. While if you mainly want to solve the problem of sound insulation, we are not recommended to use broken aluminum triple glass window.

For the problem of sound insulation, we recommend to use the sound proof window products of Kedo. It uses two-glued-insulated-air-insulated glass, which is outstanding in sound insulation and heat preservation effect. It can solve low-frequency noise and high-frequency noise. A soundproof window product for all kinds of noise sources, many misleading posts today, many merchants claim that three-layer glass is better than double-glazed sound insulation, and correct everyone's point of view.

Three-layer glass window is more expensive than double-glazed. However, it is not much different from double-glazed soundproofing in sound insulation. Therefore, if you want to solve the problem of window sound insulation, don't waste money on three-layer glass. You can choose a special soundproof window product.

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