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Maintenance of broken aluminum alloy doors and windows Manufacturers & Suppliers from China

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Maintenance of broken aluminum alloy doors and windows
1. After the rainy day, the wet glass doors and windows frames should be wiped out in time, paying special attention to drying the chute. The chute is used for a long time, the friction is increased, and a little oil or a layer of fire wax oil can be added.
2. Sealing tops and glass seals are the key structures to ensure the insulation of doors and windows. If they fall off, they should be repaired and replaced in time.

aluminum alloy doors and windows

Hardware maintenance is the key
1. Always check the joints of the frame and tighten the bolts in time to replace the damaged parts. Locate the vulnerable parts of doors and windows such as shaft pins, wind braces, and floor springs. Always check and regularly add lubricant to keep it clean and flexible.
2. Frequently check the joints of the door and window frame wall. If the looseness is too long, the frame will be deformed as a whole, so that the doors and windows cannot be closed and sealed. Therefore, the screws at the joints should be loosened immediately. If the base of the screw is loose, apply a small amount of cement to seal with a strong epoxy glue.

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xing aluminum windows & door is relatively fragile and require extra care
1. Aluminum alloy doors and windows are light in use. Push and pull to go with the flow; if you find it difficult, don't pull it hard, you should first troubleshoot it. Ash accumulation and deformation are the main reasons for the difficulty in pushing and pulling aluminum alloy doors and windows. It is necessary to keep the door frame clean, especially the cleaning of the sliding groove. A vacuum cleaner can be used to remove the dust from the door seals in the tank.
2. When cleaning aluminum alloy doors and windows, people are not stepping on the aluminum frame, and do not hold the frame for support.
3. Aluminum alloy doors and windows can be cleaned with water or neutral detergent with a soft cloth. Do not use ordinary soap and washing powder, or use strong detergents such as decontamination powder and toilet cleaner.

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