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How to clean the broken aluminum sliding window and door Manufacturers & Suppliers from China

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How to clean the broken aluminum sliding window
1. The frame of the broken aluminum slider window is mostly made of metal material. It can be wiped with a dry cotton rag for daily cleaning. If it is cleaned with water, the rag should be twisted as much as possible to avoid damage to the metal surface and affect the appearance;
2. Broken bridge aluminum bottom rail is easy to accumulate floating dust, which directly affects the sliding of the bottom wheel, thus affecting the service life of the sliding door and window. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to frequently use the vacuum cleaner to remove the bottom rail floating dust, and clean the corner with a rag and water, and pay attention to dry the lint-free cotton cloth.

3. Sliding door panels are mostly glass or high density panels. For the glass door panel, it is often wiped with a dry rag on weekdays. At regular intervals, use a diluted neutral detergent or a special glass detergent, then dry it with a dry cotton, lint-free cloth; for high density The board should not be scrubbed with ordinary detergent. It can be wiped with a dry cotton rag. If it is cleaned with water, be sure to dry it with a dry cotton rag.

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