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Heat insulation door window Manufacturers & Suppliers from China

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Good performance of thermal broken aluminum windows and doors: 
1. Heat insulation door window have impact resistance. Because the outer surface of aluminum-plastic composite profiles is in the form of aluminum alloy, it has much stronger impact resistance than steel profiles.
2. Aluminum alloy windows and doors has good fire resistance, aluminum alloy is made of metal material and does not burn.
3. Anti-theft is also very good the thermal broken windows and doors, equipped with excellent hardware accessories and advanced decorative locks, so that thieves can do nothing.
4. Maintenance-free: Heat-Insulated door & window is not easily attacked by acid and alkali, will not turn yellow and fade, and almost no maintenance.

5. Diverse colors: for customers to choose freely. It has a good seal and is really cool in winter and cool in summer.

Heat insulation door

Aluminum alloy windows and doorsHeat-Insulated door

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