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Fashionable types of aluminum windows Manufacturers & Suppliers from China

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1.  The new pivoted window
The new pivoted opening window in the aluminum window and door of the broken bridge is a popular type nowadays. For this type of window opening, it has better sealing than the casement window. In addition, It does not occupy a lot of space, and it can also play a good aesthetic role for the integration with the whole building. It can play a very good shape, durable and safe features.
There is also a type that is more popular with people, that is, environmentally friendly energy saving windows, which are much better in environmental protection and energy saving than ordinary glass. For this type, multi-glass window application is adopted. Increase the number of air layers in the glass, and at the same time adopt a large structure, which will control the loss of heat, and also play a good role in reducing noise. So this type is also loved by people.

The above is the type of two aspects of broken aluminum doors and windows. Users can choose different types of doors and windows according to your actual needs and overall architectural structure in the future choices. When installing windows and doors, need to consider the opening ways of doors and windows.

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