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Aluminum hung windows Manufacturers & Suppliers from China

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1. Opening operation: Aluminum hung windows has two opening modes, which can be opened or suspended, and realized by different connection methods of hardware. When hanging over, the window can open a gap of about 10cm from above, and the open part is suspended in the air.
2. Overhang operation: Rotate the control handle 180 degrees to the inside of the sash and pull the handle to open the upper suspension.

3. Closing operation: Push the fan to the closed state, press the control handle in the opposite direction, turn the control handle to the closed position, and lock the fan.

4. Performance advantage: the upper space does not occupy the indoor space, the curtains can be opened and closed freely; the children can climb the windows sill without the danger of falling out of it; Hung window can only open the 10cm seam, and the hand can not reach in from the outside, especially Suitable for use when no one is at home. Ventilation is natural, and the wind is blown into the room from the side of the window.

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