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Aluminum doors and windows accessories Manufacturers & Suppliers from China

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1. Hinge, hinge, sliding support

Hinges are the core components that support the opening and closing and fixing of doors and windows. The performance of aluminum doors and windows is closely related to the selection and assembly of hinges, hinges, sliding supports.

2. The transmission rod, transmission box
The transmission rod and transmission box are important window and door accessories for opening and closing doors and windows, and are also frequently used parts that are subject to frequent wear and tear.

3. The lock seat, lock point
The lock point and the lock seat can play the role of closing and fixing the door and window, and are the main accessories for ensuring good security of the door and window.

4. Handle
Door and window handles are divided into three categories: multi-point lock handle, single-point lock handle, and linkage handle.
The multi-point lock handle is the most common and widely used handle system. By changing the position of the handle of the handle, various opening functions are realized, the operation is convenient, the impact is simple and impact-resistant, and the lock body itself has an encryption function, which is difficult to emulate and has high safety performance.
The single-point lock handle realizes the function of opening and closing the window and locking the function by rotating the handle.

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