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Advantage of KEDO aluminum sun room Manufacturers & Suppliers from China

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Advantage of KEDO aluminum sun room
1. High efficiency sound insulation
Without the surrounding of reinforced concrete walls, the sound insulation effect of standing sunroom needs special attention. It is recommended that you choose a sound-insulating glass filled with an inert gas to ensure good sound insulation. The form should also use materials with strict sealing and low sound transmission to truly create the quiet comfort of the sun room.
2. Energy-saving insulation
The heat preservation of the sunroom mainly depends on three aspects: the structure of the heat-resistant aluminum alloy profile, the sealing of the window frame and the fan, and the structure of the insulating glass. The sealing strips installed in conjunction with the window frame must be particularly tightly seamed and should be durable and resistant to aging. Insulating glass can be selected as film-filled or filled with inert gas, so as to block indoor heat spillage, maximize heat savings, and ensure that the winter glass wall room is warm and spring-like.
3. Easy to clean
Due to long-term exposure, the sun room is also easily contaminated by sand and dust, making it difficult to clean. If the doors and windows of the sun room can be opened and suspended, it can make daily cleaning and maintenance very convenient. In addition, the ceiling of the sun room is best to choose a pointed top with a slope, try to avoid the flat top structure, and to a certain extent, it can also reduce the accumulation of lime soil.
4. Effective drainage

The effective drainage system of the sun room is a key factor in ensuring the comfort of sun rooms. At present, some sunrooms construction provides a five-stage drainage mechanism to protect the sun room from rainwater infiltration and condensate. The delicate design of the eaves and the structural joints ensures the function of the glass room system in key parts of the structure.

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